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Ceremony of 8000 Drums & Great Gathering for Mother Earth & Peace (April 19th-May 03rd)

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Indigenous Meditation & Prayer for Peace in the World (April 04th-18th)

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HOW CAN I HELP? Join Us! One of the most important things you can do to help is to join the ceremony, take responsibility for your part in healing Mother Earth. Come to the UPCOMING EVENTS. The International Journeys for Mother Earth from April 20th to May 3rd. Be part of these Great Gathering. Beat the Drum! You can also organize a drumming ceremony with our Otomi Toltec Elders, where you are, and beat the drums together like a heartbeat. Just send a request through a letter to the Otomi Toltec Elders in order to receive a written answer. Take Responsibility! Reconcile yourself with the immense spaces and territories devastated by the actions of humans, as we have forgotten that Mother Earth is not our property, but rather that we are a part of her. It is time to remember this vision of the world of our indigenous ancestors, recognizing the sacredness of Mother Nature, each family and species, to honor life and be grateful every day. Support Us! The ceremony needs sponsors and support. You can organize a fundraiser to help people travel to the ceremony who otherwise might be unable to attend, or to help cover the costs of accommodating for our elders who will meet thousands of people in the Great Gathering. Spread the Word! Tell friends, colleagues, relatives, and all your relations about the event. Be part of the 8000 Drums! Just imagine what might happen if in the nex 8000 Drums Great Gthering, the entire world took a break, found a drum, and started beating it to the sound of the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Wars would have to stop. People would smile at each other and feel grateful to be alive. Welcome to the 8000 Drums Community & Family. Looking forward to hear from you soon. For Drummers & Drums. For Supports and Letters to our 8000 Drums Keepers. Please register here: Humanity United for the Rights of Our Mother Earth !

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United Indigenous Nations (UIN) is one of the few international organizations led by Indigenous Peoples and dedicated to the mission of promoting Living Well and Self-determination in the cultural, educational, social, political and economic fields and strengthening Indigenous Peoples and Communities through asset control and the dissemination of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Through networking, education, technical assistance, regranting and advocacy, our Organization provides Indigenous Peoples and Communities with the tools, information and relationships they need to bring unity, healing, equality and empowerment in Native Women and Men in order to build community capacity to leverage assets for sustainable economic development. United Indigenous Nations is an international initiative inspired in the visions and teachings of our ancestors and wisdom keepers for living in Peace, respect with All Peoples, and in harmony between Humans, Mother Earth and All Beings.


Gathering for Mother Earth and Peace 2018

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Pow Wow Drum


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