Who we are?

United Indigenous Nations (UIN) is part of the international movement focused in unifying and empowering our Nations, Peoples, Organizations and Communities; defending Indigenous Rights & Rights for Mother Earth. We are inspired in the visions of our ancestors for Living Well as Humanity in harmony with Mother Earth and All Beings.

We’re an Indigenous Organization and Foundation protecting our Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, Ancestral Medicine and Healing Arts, Sacred Lands, Sustainable Development, Sovereignty and Self Determination.

Indigenous Nations is one of the few international organizations led by Indigenous Peoples and dedicated to the mission of promoting Indigenous economic determination and strengthening Indigenous communities through asset control and the dissemination of knowledge.

Through communication, networking, regranting, technical assistance, education and advocacy, Indigenous Nations provides Indigenous Peoples with the tools, information and relationships they need to build community capacity to leverage assets for sustainable economic, social and cultural development.