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About us

about us


United Indigenous Nations (UIN) is one of the few international organizations led by Indigenous Peoples and dedicated to the mission of promoting Living Well and Self-determination in the cultural, educational, social, political and economic fields and strengthening Indigenous Peoples and Communities through asset control and the dissemination of ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Through networking, education, technical assistance, regranting and advocacy, our Organization  provides Indigenous Peoples and Communities with the tools, 8000globaldancinginformation and relationships they need to bring unity, healing, equality and empowerment in Native Women and Men in order to build community capacity to leverage assets for sustainable economic development. United Indigenous Nations  is an international initiative inspired in the visions and teachings of our ancestors and wisdom keepers for living in Peace, respect with All Peoples, and in harmony between Humans, Mother Earth and All Beings. .

Our reason of being

Honoring our Ancestors, Mother Earth and the Next Seven Generations
Healing Our Hearts, Ancestral Memories and All Our Relations.


Vission and Mission

World-IndigenousOur vision is to continue the sacred steps of our ancestors. We believe that we’re All Related. That the time has come to come together for Living Well with Peace, Health and Happiness in the new dawn of our Indigenous Nations and Humanity.

Our mission is to contribute unity of Indigenous Nations for Living Well, promoting respect for Indigenous and Mother Earth’s Rights. To promote more Peace, Understanding, Compassionate Love and Happiness between All Beings on the Earth.


Goals and objectives

Unity and Self Determination of Indigenous Nations. Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth Rights. Health, Education, Peace, Happiness and Respect for All Beings.



United Indigenous Nations

Indigenous Peoples Association & Fundation