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Native Medicine & Ancestral Teachings
Aug 17, 2015

Knowledge of the Indigenous Nations

For the Next Seven Generations

Teachings and Workshops, Ceremonies and Rituals, Circles of Talking and Meditations, Dances and Movements, Music and Healing Chants, Medicine Wheel, Journey of the Soul, Drum Circle, Meetings and Consultations

Well Being – Oneness – Relaxation – Reconnect – Resourcing – Peace – Renaissance – Plenitude – Harmony – Joy of Living – Celebration – Culture – Nature

Return to the Earth Medicine and the Wisdom of Ancestors:

Healing our Hearts, Ancestral Memories and All Our Relations


July 2018 : Canada / United States

August : Germany / Switzerland 

September : France / Norway

October :  Mexico

November : Brazil

December : Poland

March 2019 : México

01-14 March > Initiation & Teaching on Ancestral Wisdom

15-22 March > International Indigenous Elders Gathering

23-06 April > Pilgrimage to the Indigenous Sacred Sites 

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Native Indigenous Teachings & Transmission of Ancient Wisdom!

Welcome everyone to this exceptional meeting. Is meant to be a joyful occasion to celebrate life, to connect, to root, awaken to live fully and create the world we want!

The First Nations keep a cultural tradition and a spiritual richness that helps us find our roots, our joy of life and our place in the Universe. They also help maintain the harmony of the planet and the well being of humanity.

The purpose of this course is our connection to the Source of Life in order to restore balance and health on all levels. Through the practice of ceremonies, rituals, drum circles, shamanic journeys, meditation, breathing, talking circles, purifications, dances, songs, music, sounds and body movements, symbols, prayers and contact with the elements we can heal our memories our emotional and internal imbalances and regain our self-healing power.