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Trips to the Ancient Sacred Sites
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Aug 18, 2015

Trips for Healing Mother Earth, Our Hearts and Ancestral Memories

in Egypt and Morocco in June 2018


Transmission of Native Wisdom Workshop

For the Seven Next Generations

Native Elders for Mother Earth & Peace 

More info & Reservations:


Teachings and Workshops, Ceremonies and Rituals, Circles of Talking and Meditations, Dances and Movements, Music and Healing Chants, Medicine Wheel, Journey of the Soul, Drum Circle, Meetings and Consultations

Well Being – Oneness – Relaxation – Reconnecting – Recharging – Peace – Rebirthing – Oneness – Harmony – Joy of Living – Celebration – Culture – Nature

Return to the Earth Medicine and the Wisdom of Ancestors: Healing our Hearts, Ancestral Memories and All Our Relations

All Drum Circles


Autumn 2019

Chanting and Drumming for Greece & Autumn Celebration in Athens:

*An event open to the people for bringing peaceful energy to the country and to the world. Let’s celebrate together the Equinox with the intention related with the harvesting, the prosperity and the abundance for the People of Greece.


“Healing Our Hearts” Workshop & Spiritual Retreat  in Santorini Island: September

*In this workshop we propose a spiritual retreat in the Island in order to reconnect with our inner peace and the harmonious energy of the sea and the land for healing our hearts, ancestral memories and all our relations.

Teachings & Healing Practices 


Healing OurPeople Workshops 

Day 01st


Day 02nd

These teachings propose to the people the transmission of native wisdom and to learn how to heal ourselves with natural ways coming from the ancient wisdom.

Day 03rd and 04th

Native Medicine Wheel & Earth Medicine Workshop

Ancestral Energy Healing & Fire Medicine Workshop

Concert of  Native Songs-Meditation for Peace

Day 05th & 06th

Sound Healing & Air Medicine Workshop

Crystal Healing & Water Medicine Workshop

Day 07th and 08th (Day for visiting the Sacred Sites)

Private Sessions and Consultations

Day 09th – Departure

* Each day will have different Practices with unique experiences, exceptional and unforgettable.