Indigenous Nations Foundation

Social and Humanitarian Program

Mission & Vision

Programs & Projects


Volunteer,  Sponsors & Parnerships

Fields of Actions and Dimensions:

         •        Intergenerational Education, Art and Culture (Initiation and Training)

         •        Service for Peace and Harmony

         •        Natural Medicine, Healing and Wellness

         •        Coaching, Assistance, Research, Training and Information

         •        Respect, Freedom and Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Mother Earth and All Beings.

         •        Networking, Supporting Organisations, Encouraging Coordination, Alliances and Attending International Issues

         •        Development, Economy, Trading, Exchange, Solidarity and Cooperation between Peoples and Communities.

         •        Communication, Advertising and Marketing.


1. Cultures, Education and Ancestral Sciences

2. Spirituality, Peace and Happiness.

3. Health, Medicine, Harmony, Wellness, Sport and Happiness

4. Economy, Development, Ethic Trading,  Exchange, Tourism, Handcrafts, Healthy Food and Organic Agriculture.

5. Arts and Communication 6. Social, Lodging,  Nourishment, Health Care, and Assistance.

7. Political. Issues, Freedom, Self-Determination, Equality, Good Governance, Justice, Peace, Rights for Indigenous Peoples, Mother Earth and All Beings.

Main Projects:

1. Teaching & Wisdom Transmission a) Indigenous Nations University b) Ancestral Wisdom Schools, Institutes and Centers Intention: Training Wisdom Keepers

2. Spirituality and Cosmic Vision a) Ceremonial, Spiritual and Retreat Schools, Instituts and Centers b) Natural and Cultural Sacred Sites Training Spiritual Guides in the Ancestral Way

3. Health, Healing and Wellness a) Native Healing Arts School and Centers b) Instituts of Indigenous Medicine c) Native Natural and Ancestral Hospital and Therapeutics Houses Training Healers, Therapists and Medicine Women and Medicine Men

4. Expressive Arts and Ancestral Sciences a) Native Expressive Arts Centers b) Studio for Making Drums and Musical Instruments Training Artist, Creators, Musicians, Writers, Poets, Painters, Sculpteurs, Singers, Actors, Producers c) Center of Information, Designing, Digital Art, Media d) Museum Training people in this area e) Center of Ancestral Sciences Training and supporting Nature Keepers, Farmers, Designers, Architects, Ingeneers, Scientists, Physicians, Energy Workers, Doctors and Psychotherapists

5. Communication and Informations a) Communication Center Congress and Conference Center Retreat Centrer Store and Art Gallery