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Following the Path of Our Ancestors
By: Indigenousns
May 25, 2017


Following the Path of Our Ancestors in the Beauty and Sacredness brings you Clarity, Love, Peace, Health and Joy of Living ! (Toltec Elders)

The reclamation of culture, ceremony and spiritual practices is the story that must now take centre stage. “We have to go back to the period before the ‘living tissue’ of our cultures were broken by external forces”. “Our ancestors understood the world around them and beyond. Their knowledge was so complex and not only covered all aspects of being human – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – but the interconnectedness of all creation.” (Cree Elder)

I has observed a resurgence of curiosity in Eeyou youth about their traditional identity. “Our young people today are asking me questions like: Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here? Why are we in a situation where we’re in today? Just to name a few,”. “Mastering the ways of your ancestors helps in personal development by taking an integrated approach to understanding life, its meaning and purpose.”


I remember feeling the same confusion after my unsuccessful attempt to discover the ancient ways of my people. The next time I found myself in Listuguj, the community where my mom was raised, I asked some Elders if the ancestral Mi’kmaq spiritual ceremonies were still practiced. The answer I got was “maybe,” but I’d have to go deep into the woods and find a medicine person who would teach me.

“All human beings have the gift and ability to adapt”. “We were once a nomadic people, belonging to a hunting and gathering culture. Today we find that we have the capacity to be scientists, doctors or lawyers. Going back to the ways of our ancestors does not mean going back to using bows and arrows, and wearing animal-skin garments. It means using our ancestral knowledge and wisdom to become a balanced human being, so we can help ourselves, families, communities, nations and beyond more effectively.” (Cree Elder)