Indigenous Nations University

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>Spirituality & Ancestral Medicine

>Creative Arts, & Ancestral Sciences

>Education, Language, Literature & Communication:

>Indigenous Rights, Peace & Development

>Mother Earth and All Beings Studies

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Creative Arts and Ancestral Sciences Institute

  • Native Expressive Arts :

Native Music, Chants and Concerts

  • Information, Designing, Digital Art
  • Making Drums and Musical Instruments:
  • Multimedia:  
  • Museum:
  • Ancestral Sciences:

Natural Medicine and Ancestral Healing Institute

  • Training & Health Care Program
  • Healing Methods and Techniques:
  • Native Ancestral Hospital

Healing Center Online

  • Retreat & Healing Center:

Indigenous Nations & Mother Earth Rights Institute

  • Political Program and Liberties
  • Researches & Projects of the Center for Indigenous Nations Rights:
  • Covenants, Conventions and Treaties of Indigenous Nations:
  • Researches & Projects of the Center for Mother Earth Rights:

International Bussiness Center

  • New Economy with Justice Program
  • Indigenous Trade and Business:
  • Corporate Engagement:
  • Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC):
  • Indigenous Nations Corporate Monitor:
  • Building the Business Case:
  • Bridging Cultures: